Survival Knives Camping Animals in The Game of Thrones

Survival Knives for The Game of Thrones

Survival knives will help you if you are lost in The Game of Thrones, or in the jungle, lost in the woods or even at home. These knives come in different styles and with different attachments or accessories. Most knives have stainless steel blades or high carbon steel blades. High carbon steel knives are very sturdy and will maintain a very sharp edge. The military presents these type of knives when going out on tactical duty so that they can feed themselves and cut their way through the brush. These knives are great for cleaning fish and small animals when hunting.

The difference between survival and getting into trouble is being prepared

1)Hunting type survival knives

Hunting type survival knives come in pocket style knives, fixed blade knives, throwing knives, machete type knives, and boot knives. These are all good when hunting for game or walking through brush and woods. These knives will help you to survive in the wild. Uses for these knives are things like killing game or fish, cleaning the game or fish and cutting brush to cook the game or fish.

2)Fixed blade Survival knives

The survival knives have different types of blades. There are knives with a fixed blade that does not fold, folding blade knives that the blade folds to hide inside of the handle, and knives that contain other necessary equipment. Some of the necessary equipment that can be included in these knives is mini tool sets, flashlights, and compasses. Some of these items included in the structure of the knives will allow the hunter or person lost in the jungle to survive. There are also knives that include things like the bottle or can openers. This makes life easier to have all the tools needed in one piece of equipment.

3)The Bowie knife

To look at survival by being lost in the woods, the Bowie knife would be a great choice to have. This knife contains a razor sharp blade and a rubber handle for a firm grip. This knife includes survival kits such as compasses, matches, needles, safety hooks, or thread. This one knife will allow a person to kill their food and cut the brush to cook the food. The needle and thread would allow a true survivor to take the skin from the animal and make boots or hats by sewing the fire together.

4)Fixed Blade knife

A fixed blade knife is one that will be included in a nylon type or leather type pouch. This knife’s blade does not bend or store inside the handle. It is one solid piece of cutlery. These knives vary in length and style. These knives are best for killing big game or cutting through brush.

5)The Machete style knife

The machete style knife is one that helps cleaning brush or working outside. They can be good if in the jungle to cut fruits from treetops. There are many styles of these from the curved machete to the straight blade.
A boot knife also known as a standard military knife will make a great weapon when fighting against people or big game. This knife will help you survive if you come across wild animals while hunting. Most of these knives carry a double-edged blade and are part of the survival knives. This type of knife is a “Rambo” favorite. These knives are known for easy concealing or hiding and are carried by many men.

6)Swiss Army knife

Maybe the best-known knives would be the Swiss Army knife. This knife comes in many varieties and prices. These knives are multi purpose when it comes to knives. They include things like forks, scissors, screwdrivers, mini saws, and bottle openers. There are also Swiss Army knives that include things such as tooth picks. These knives are definitely survival equipped. Anyone could take one of these knives out in the woods or on a camping trip. They would have everything they need in one handle.

These knives are great for things such as cutting up fish, putting together tents, and opening that bottle of wine at the end of the evening. The Swiss Army knives are by far the best-equipped knives on the market. Many parents will give the gift of one of these knives to their sons on their thirteenth birthday. A time to become a man is a time to carry one of these knives.

7)Collector’s type knives or Karambit type knives

Survival knives come in collector’s type knives also. People love to attain one of the many collector style knives that bare special names or teams. There are under cover karambit type knives that originated in Asia. These knives are equipped to offer control in a situation that warrants use of it. There are many holes in this knife to add to grip ability. Holding this knife while in use can vary by the holes. This knife usable in combat and comes with its own leather type case.

8)Diving knives

Other knives that identified as survival knives are knives we would use in individual situations example diving knives. These knives work to catch fish and to cut things from the bottom of the ocean. Filleting knives could be considered survival knives if used in the kitchen or out fishing. Having access to a filleting knife will allow fish to be filleted on the spot. They come in indoor and outdoor versions.

Survival Knives trouble is being prepared

The difference between survival and getting into trouble is being prepared. One should always plan for any situation and be prepared with the equipment they need. Survival knives will make the difference on camping trips, hunting trips, and in situations that may warrant protecting one self. These knives are available online or at various sporting goods stores. There are many varieties of the aforementioned knives. Cleaning and caring for these knives is easy. To care for Stainless steel knives use mineral type oil to protect the blades from the environment. When sharpening these survival knives, make sure to use a wet stone to sharpen and always follow the directions so that you do not ruin the blade.

Key Survival Knives

Knives can make the difference between living and dying. Knives are great things to have around when hunting, fishing, or camping. Make sure to take the Survival knives with you and take the necessary precautions when using these knives.

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