Survival Food Having A Really Rough Day camping trip

There are many reasons why someone would need survival food. If a person decided to go on a camping trip and needed to take food along to sustain those, survival foods would be a good suggestion because they have value and will guarantee that the person has the correct nutrition in a days’ time. Survival foods will also be something to consider, were to happen. There will be no electricity or lights so cooking will be a challenge. People that prepare early will stand a better chance of surviving than the ones that do not prepare.

Different Ways to Prepare Survival Food

There are different types of survival foods and different ways to prepare or store them. Looking at packaging foods will give your ideas on the types of foods to prepare for survival food. One way to store food is to prepare and package meals. One-way is the old-fashioned smoke house way. Most people do not have smoke houses but they can prepare the meat by smoking it in a cooker. Smoked meats will give a person the protein they need if they had no way to prepare or keep the meat cold. Smoked meats do well portioned and stored in zip lock bags or containers.

Another way to prepare and store foods is to dehydrate them. A person can dehydrate meats, vegetables, and fruits without difficulty. This way a person will have all of the survival food that a balanced diet calls for in a days’ time. These foods store nicely in zip lock bags and containers. Portion these out for each meal or store together to make survival foods.

Types of Survival Foods

Types of survival foods to pack for the camping trip or the end of time are meats, vegetables, fruits, and grains. Preparing individual servings will guarantee that there is enough food for days. This also ensures that not all of the food disappears at one setting. These foods are generally prepared with some salt to preserve them. Dehydration of these foods will ensure that the vitamins and minerals are still present but that they will last for weeks without rot.

Nuts are a good source of protein. They are a quick snack for energy and provide the needed oils that your body may miss without the frying or butter we use today. Nuts packaged together with dried fruits will provide the energy source needed while camping. It is easy to Package in individual serving sizes for that quick grab. These will store in one large bag for simplicity and the whole family’s survival food. Whatever your choice, make sure that you prepare a large quantity to take you through several days or weeks as you may need.

Trail mix is another good survival food because it provides the energy and nutrients needed. Some people make the trail mix by adding cereals for their starch. Trail mix can be a quick snack or a meal on the go. Trail mix usually includes nuts, dried fruits, and cereal. Sometimes people will add things like mini candies to satisfy that sweet tooth. Other people may add things like dried peas.

Survival Food Dried or Dehydrated Fruits

Drying or dehydrating fruits and vegetables will give the preparer their chance for variety. Many spices added will change the taste of the vegetables. Adding some garlic to the mix will help with keeping the vampires away. Well not really, but garlic is good for your digestion as well as your heart. Try a simple mix of dehydrated sweet peas, carrots, and potatoes. Add a little bit of seasoning and mix. This can be stored in zip lock bags for single servings.

Dried or dehydrated fruits will give those nutrients needed as well as continue to keep blood sugar level to where it should be. Mixing together things like dried bananas, mango, or apples will give the festive taste of the islands. Mixing together things like apples, pears, bananas, and dates with some cinnamon or apple spice will give the taste of the holidays. There are many varieties that a person can have fun with mixing. Survival food preparation is nutritious and favorable.

Canning Survival Food

Canning is another way to store survival food for years. If done correctly, the food will last a long time without any refrigeration. When canning foods, the sky is the limit on what you can store. Let us begin with the canned vegetables and fruits. Can in individual fruits and vegetables or you can mix them for soups. To can vegetables, first start with mason jars. You will need lids and be sealing rings to prepare the foods. The jars need washing and then placed in boiling water to sterilize. If not sterilized, there is a possibility of fungus or something else growing in your canned foods. Sterilization will kill anything inside the jars. After sterilizing the jars, set them aside to cool while you prepare your survival food. Any type of vegetables will store away in mason jars if done correctly.

Vegetables and fruits to be canned need blanching. The fruits and vegetables need washing and cutting up into manageable pieces. After cutting the fruits or vegetables in bite size, drop them in boiling water with a pinch of salt. This can be sea salt or table salt. Add some spices or garlic and allow this to boil for approximately ten minutes. Then take the vegetables out of the hot water and place in jars. Fill the jars with vegetables and top off with some of the boiling water. After this is completed, you will need to seal the jars. Preparing these vegetables and fruits for survival food is a great way to store enough for the family.

Key Survival Food

To seal the mason jars that contain fruits or vegetables, you need to put the lids on tightly. Take the jars that have the lids and seals on, and place them in boiling water. The jars need to boil for a few moments. When done, stick the jars to the side to cool. As they seal, you will hear pops of the lids. If they pop, they are sealed. If they do not pop, you may have a bad seal. Preparing food can be fun and smart. Survival food will keep you alive if you remember to take it with you.

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