Rajmachi Fort Trek Route One Day trekking in Pune

Rajmachi Trek Route One Day trekking in Pune

It is well known that India is home to one of the diverse biospheres in a single country. We have climatic conditions from freezing cold to sweltering heat, to home to a rain forest that houses some of the most exquisite flora and fauna. There are many places in India which are a traveler paradise. This country when you think that you have seen all that it has to offer, will never cease to impress you again. Most people when they think of India, think of the north that is the Himalayas, but it is equally well endowed in natural beauty throughout the length and breadth of this beautiful country.

We will now focus on the Western part of this country, especially the western Ghats. Situated on the Western Ghats is the district of Pune, in the state of Maharashtra. During the medieval time Pune was the seat of the Peshwa[Prime Minister and the advisor to the King], the second most powerful person in the Maratha Empire after the Chhatrapati [The King]. During rule of the Maratha Empire over Pune it saw construction of many forts and strongholds. Their purpose was to defense of the Maratha Empire against any external threat and aggression, plus also acting as a forward operating base for any offensive to be launched by the Marathas. Of the many forts build by them we will focus on the Rajmachi Fort.

Fort is named after the village in which it is situated, i.e., Rajmachi Village. The village is located at the rugged Western Ghats. Owing to its strategic location on top of the hills two fortifications were constructed during the Maratha Empire. The two fortifications are Shrivardhan Fort and Manaranjan Fort. The fort was constructed to control Borghat which at that time was a major trade route.

How to reach Rajmachi Fort –

Rajmachi trek can be reached by two routes, the toughest route is from ‘Kondivade’ Or ‘Salpe-Kharmare’ village near Karjat and which involves a climb-up of about 2000 feet.

The other route is from the city of Lonavala, which is almost a plain walk of about 15 km. In rainy season this region is all the more beautiful and exquisite with its silvery waterfalls, streams and lush green forests and meadows.

Rajmachi trek Climate –

The climate at Rajmachi trek is usually like its surrounding area like Lonavala. So before leaving for Rajmachi trek check the climate with the meteorological department.

Rajmachi trek Best time to Visit –

The best time to visit Rajmachi trek fort and do the trek is from the months of June to September is an ideal time to visit the area.

Who can do the Rajmachi trek –

Well the trek is not that difficult, with people completing the trek in less than an hour. It is so because the trek trail is relatively smooth all through the route except for a steep climb. Other than that it could be done by a man of ordinary prudence given the fact that he is in good health.

Rajmachi trek Accommodation –

There is accommodation available in the two which is situated at the fort. But be aware that the two caves can house 40 people in total. If you are apprehensive to stay at the caves you can always stay in the temple that is situated at the base of the fort.

Distance from Major cities to Rajmachi trek –

Lonavala to Rajmachi trek  –  Rajmachi trek is almost 230 kilometers away from Lonavala and usually takes around 4 hours to traverse the whole route and that too via NH 8.

Pune to Rajmachi trek – With a distance of 170 kilometers between the two places, it takes around 3 hours to travel the route via NH 48.

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