Paracord Survival Bracelet Uses Will Make Your Skin Crawl

The Paracord survival bracelet is an extremely important item for the outdoor connoisseur. The material that makes up the paracord is durable and long lasting. Paracord is a United States Government contracted cord, that supplies the U.S. military. The survival bracelet is designed to be an intricate tool in times of survival. The survival bracelet has many different and unique uses. There are several different designs of Paracord survival bracelets for all ages and people.

Paracord Survival Bracelet Uses

A government contractor is employed to develop the Paracord for the United States Military. The nylon strands are tightly woven together and can be a piece of survival in a lot of areas when needed. Paracord is made of “550 cord”. The “550″ refers to the fact that there is a maximum of 550 lbs. of breaking strength. This type of cord contains an outer layer of thirty-two strands of woven nylon. The outer nylon shell is woven very tightly and it gives the cord a very smooth feel. The diameter of the Paracord is just about a 1/8 of an inch. There are seven, two-ply nylon strands within the outer strands. This product is very lightweight and was originally used for suspension lines for U.S. parachutes.

The idea of survival cords has proven to be another great succession of minds when gauging what is pertinent to survival. The product doesn’t have to be for military purposes alone. There are more uses for the Paracord survival bracelet, than any other accessory on the market. The survival bracelet cord is rot and mildew resistant and is efficiently quick drying.

Unwoven Paracord Survival Bracelet

The bracelet can be unwoven and used as a whole to secure and tie down equipment and be a support ridgeline for tarps. Hunters have the advantage of being able to make a string on a bow if the initial string fails in the woods. Paracord can also aid in the making of shelter in the outdoors. If there is an emergency in the woods and someone is suffering from a broken limb, the bracelet can also be coupled with a makeshift board as a splint until help arrives, and the victim is taken out of the elements. Paracord has also been known to be used as a tourniquet for amputation during times of war. The bracelet can be unraveled to do several tasks. When unraveled the seven inner strands of the survival bracelet can be used for sewing thread, dental floss, or fishing line.

The nylon strands are extremely durable and reliable. With some patience and some skill, the inner core can also be used to make a net and snare prey. Hikers that may break a boot or shoe lace will also have the security of being able to use the paracord as a place to get them through the remaining part of their trek.

Paracord Survival Bracelet uses List cord needed for emergency purposes

Even though the paracord can withstand 550 lbs of breaking strength, it is not suitable to use when repelling or for holding body weight. The paracord can not be used as a hoisting rope for overhead lifting. There should never be a misuse of the survival bracelet cord. Misuse can result in major injury or death. The paracord is designed to provide several feet of cord needed for emergency purposes.

Survival bracelets can come in an army of colors and can be ordered or self-made to fit a person’s individuality. There are many websites that offer a color catalog of hues. There are several Army surplus stores that keep camouflage and hunter green paracord in stock to purchase. It is just as easy to follow a tutorial and make the bracelet as it is to order online and purchase. Websites also offer colors that support different causes. People can purchase pink for breast cancer support and there is also a rainbow colored paracord that supports Autism. It is a good idea for people to check online when they order a survival cord to support a cause, to make sure that part of the proceeds go to the charity or cause that it says is supported.

Even Kids love these Paracord survival bracelets just as much as adults

Kids love these bracelets just as much as adults. Not only can a person choose the colors that they would like, but they can also choose the length that the cord will unravel to be. The more colors that are used, the more cord there will be in an emergency. The buckles on the bracelet can be individually chosen. These survival bracelets are stylish and are easily removable. There is no labeling of these bracelets between men and women. With all the colors to choose from, there will always be a satisfied wearer.

Military Paracord Bracelet Uses outdoor Person

The Paracord bracelet has proven to a most appreciated invention for the military and outdoor person. What was originally made for suspension in parachutes, is now something that can be utilized in the everyday civilized world. The Paracord has been shown to be durable, reliable and easy to maintain. The government manufactured cord provides the average person with a tool that can be extremely desirable in a time of need. There are a series of websites that give great information on how to make these bracelets from home. Being able to understand the series of knots may take patience, but perfect practice will make perfect bracelets.

Having a lightweight and stylish bracelet with more users than ever will make men, women, and kids want to purchase or make this accessory. Always plan ahead when going out into the wilderness and have all the survival gear that is required at a moment’s notice.

Key Paracord Survival Bracelet

Having these measures in place and being familiar with the itinerary of the trek will prove to be invaluable. In case of a true emergency, it will be comforting to know that there is an added tool and a survival line when wearing the Paracord survival bracelet. Simple, efficient, and secure describes everything that has to do with the survival bracelet. Stylish, lightweight, and comfortable are all bonuses from wearing the bracelets. Ordering online is just as easy as going to a local Army surplus to purchase or make a survival bracelet.

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