Kheerganga Trek Difficulty Level Map itinerary Accommodation

Why Everything You Know About Kheerganga Trek Difficulty Level Is A Lie

kheerganga trek difficulty level
kheerganga trek difficulty level

Kheerganga trek difficulty level for beginner backpackers,According to some legend, Kartikeya, who was the elder son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, was here to meditate for more than thousand years in Kheerganga, making it a religious place for Hindus. One of the districts of Himachal, Kheerganga is not only popular for the hot spring but for the picturesque views of the Himalayan Mountains.
Here you can trek, camping, nature walking, mountain climbing and indulge in landscape photography. The view of the sunset through Kheerganga forests can be an incredible experience.

Kheerganga from Delhi Getting There:

Reaching to Kheerganga trek starts from Barshaini and Tosh.
To Bhuntar – reaching Bhuntar from Delhi takes almost 14 hours. You can reach here via bus or car.

To Tosh – after reaching Bhuntar it will take 4 hours of the bus ride that would cost no more than 100 INR. After reaching Barshaini you can either take the cab that would charge you 200 INR, else you can simply walk to get to Tosh.

You can also choose to go by Taxi directly from Bhuntar which will cost you around 1000 to 1200 INR.

Kheerganga Trek Difficulty Level Map itinerary

kheerganga trek map
kheerganga trek map

Kheerganga for the beginner is not easy as the trek is 14-15 km long. Initially, up to 7 km, it can be an easy walk but after you reach the first dhaba the trek can become little difficult especially if the weather is not good. Also, the last 1 km is a straight uphill climb.
Trekker can sum up the trek in just 5-6 hour. Just chill and relax on the places that come while trekking to the top. It would take few more hours to finish the trek but it is all worth it!

The trek can be dangerous if you are not careful while doing the waterfall crossings.

Also carrying huge and heavy bags are not advisable as it can make your trek more difficult. So carry only those things which are really necessary.

Once you reach the top, it would be not only the view that is enjoyable but a hot spring to bath.  After walking so much, bath in hot spring is much needed. Along with medicinally treated water it is rejuvenated!

Kheerganga trek Accommodation

Kheerganga is huge and has a number of guest house and hotel to stay. So accommodation can rarely be a problem there in kheerganga.
Travellers can even carry their own tents and fix them where ever they wish to. This would not save your living expense but also can increase the number of days for staying in kheerganga.

Best time visit Kheerganga trek

The traveller should visit Kheerganga between the months of May and November when the weather is pleasant and favorable. People should avoid going there in winter on the trek as the snow makes the trail difficult and the roads become slippery.

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