Kheerganga Temperature Weather Cure Altitude Sickness Kasol

Kheerganga Temperature Weather Cure Altitude Sickness Kasol

Before we talk about the best time to visit kheerganga trek and kasol you should be aware about the height and the Altitude sickness faced by First time travelers to parvati valley peaks.

Kheerganga trek is located at a height of 2960m. If you trekking for the first time to kheerganga or any other hike keep these points in mind before starting your climb.Remember, there are only two ways to completely cure the height illness! acclimatization or descent.

In case the condition is properly managed in a timely manner, you may easily cure the signs of altitude illness naturally. Common sense preventative measures may also be taken to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Understand that altitude illness is caused by decreased air pressure. When individuals breathe in these conditions, they inhale less oxygen. Without its usual oxygen supply, the body’s normal functioning suffers. Prevent altitude illness by remaining at heights below 8, 000 feet. Individuals in good health aren’t usually affected until climbing above the 8, 000 foot mark. Sleep at an altitude at least 500 legs, but ideally at least 1, 000 legs, lower than the highest altitude you become acclimatized during the day climbing or mountain activity.

Kheergnaga Trek AMS Sickness During Night

  1. Altitude illness frequently becomes active during the night, when the decreased oxygen intake might lead to insomnia.
  2. Practice smart climbing. Ascend slowly, allowing you enough time to get acclimatized to the new height. Don’t proceed upward if you experience any signs of altitude sickness.
  3. Rest. This should be the immediate treatment for mild signs of altitude illness, like minor headache or fatigue. These are signs that you need to acclimatize. As soon as you do so, minor symptoms might abate. Double the normal water consumption and eat a carb rich diet.
  4. Reaching high altitudes can result in dehydration, and carbohydrates help your body transport oxygen through your bloodstream.
  5. Limit your fat and salt, as these impede your already compromised capability to provide your body with adequate amount of oxygen.
  6. Ground head lower if your symptoms don’t clear up. Wait on lower ground you’re already acclimatized to for your symptoms to start to abate. If they don’t, keep going lower till they do. Remember, there are only two ways to completely cure the height illness! acclimatization or descent.

You’ll have to get at a height where your body is capable of receiving sufficient oxygen in your bloodstream. Abort your climb and get to lower ground as soon as possible in the case of a more severe case of altitude sickness.

Kheerganga Temperature Weather Climate

kheerganga weather
kheerganga weather

Snowfall will begin in December. the initial few snow falls (initial couple of weeks) won’t be exceptionally cool. however this is originating from a Himachali. In the event that this is your first time I have heard even in Novemeber individuals feel truly icy cold.

The traveler season is not at the crest amid that time so accessibility of accommodation is marginally simple.

I personally Recommend  dont wander out for treks as the ways will be snow/ice loaded making it more dangerous. Likewise Kheerganga will be shut as a result of snowfall so going anyplace for treks is not recommended. Mantalai trek is way out of question.

You can go to kasol and hang out in pulga, tosh max. the visitors will be less in number and as needs be the emotionally supportive network.

Best time – October – November. You can see snow on mountains ,close on the off chance that you can scale those mountains, the sustenance will be great. New Veggies and GREENS come amid this season , however trout is constantly accessible. Have a Crazy time in the month of October to November.

Kasol Weather Climate Changing Seasons

Kasol October to June

October to June are the best and amazing months to visit Kasol and kheerganga. In spite of the fact that Kasol encounters great climate consistently, the perfect time to investigate the wild nature of the place is from March to May. As of now of the year, the climate is charming and the temperature shifts from 15 – 22 degrees Celsius. Be that as it may, in the event that you are partial to walking around crisp evenings and cool night winds, winters i.e. from October to February is the correct season for you. The temperature amid the season more often than not shifts from 3 to 10 degrees Celsius.

Kasol March to June

Summer (March – June) This is the best for a visit to this wild nature of parvati valley, with the temperatures once in a while dipping under 15 degrees Celcius. The days are hot however charming in case you’re going to in the times of May and June. This is the best time for trekkers and campers, and consequently likewise turns into the pinnacle season for setting out to Kasol.

Kasol July to September

Storm (July – September) Although the rainstorm season gets direct to overwhelming precipitation, this is not precisely the best time to visit Kasol, attributable to the regular deluges and hazardous avalanches. Torrents are likewise conceivable.

Kasol October to February

Winter (October – February) Beginning from October, the winter season is the slightest prudent time for a visit to Kasol, attributable to a great degree crisp temperature and cold roads.Only those, who are physically fit and raring to go, ought to go out on a limb of a trek as of now. A large portion of the streets are blocked in any case because of the solidifying icy and regular snowfall.


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