Kasol to Kheerganga Trek Distance Parvati Valley India

Kasol to Kheerganga Trek Distance Parvati Valley India

Kasol to Kheerganga Trek Distance
Kasol to Kheerganga Trek Distance

A destination with nature’s blessings, Kasol is also known for its Israeli inhabitants. One of the tourist destination in India, with various cafes and restaurants in Hebrew serving great food, of cuisines from around the world.

The snow covered Himalayas to luxuriant green scenery and clear blue sky adds a touch of beauty to the place. Nuzzled in the lap of Parvati valley alongside the streaming and gurgling Parvati River, this remote village is a blessing for adventure buffs, trekkers and backpackers. With pleasant climate all around the year and low population density, this wonderful place is all set to give you an unforgettable experience

Kheerganga Trek Distance from Parvati Valley

KheerGanga (2960 meter) lies in the extreme end of Parvati valley and the last inhibited village while trekking to pin valley via Pin-Parvati pass. KheerGanga remains snow-covered during winters and only gets temporary settlement during summers which make is a perfect hide-out for those who want to smoke weed, hash etc. without any concern…… Cheap and safer staircase to heaven… Well anyway, caught an overnight bus to Kullu and got down at Bhuntar circle to catch the connecting bus to Barshani.

Delhi-Chandigarh-Mandi-Bhuntar (Catch any bus to Kullu and get down at Bhuntar Circle). Bhuntar lies on Manali highway so you will get many buses on this route if you are coming from any other city of Himachal (e.gShimla etc). After reaching Bhuntar, catch a connecting bus to Barshani via Manikaran (Known for Gurudwara) and Kasol. There is one bus each hour and will take around 2 hours from Bhuntar.  Barshani can be easily identified with a huge dam they are constructing on Parvati river. KheerGanga is 13 km trek uphill from Barshani. There are many villages, apple orchards in between so you won’t get lost.

Bhuntar-Manikaran (36 km, 40 INR, 90 minutes)
Manikaran-Barshani (18 km, 18 INR, 40 minutes)

Last bus from Barshani to Bhuntar (Via manikaran) is at 5:00 PM however there are shared/private jeeps one can get on this stretch.

Stay and Food at KheerGanga: There are basic guest rooms there (they of course pack up and go home over winter). They range from tin shacks to something not much more luxurious … but with beds (albeit lousy mattresses!!). From about 200 Rs per night. And attached are dhabas so food is no problem

Kheerganga Parvati Valley Trek

Parvati valley lies at the periphery of Great Himalayan National Park and mostly covered with dense forest of alpines and oaks with apple orchards in between. Road to Barshani goes parallel to the Parvati river and passes through Kasol (Major hippie town of Parvati valley) and Manikaran (Famous Gurudwara). Barshani is the last village connected with road (However road now goes up till Tosh) and lies on the bank of Parvati river.

Soon after reaching Barshani, I found myself in the midst of hippie culture with stoned freaks dominating the streets and staring at something unknown.  And of course there were some gorgeous chicks as well seeking something within. I started to KheerGanga just after reaching Barshani to buy myself enough time. There are few things you should know about hippies

  •  Hippies acknowledge you and ignore you at the same time. If you are soft hearted, your chances will diminish.
  • Hippies worship those who can arrange them something to get intoxicated. If you don’t smoke then you are not welcome.
  • Hippies don’t mind much if you are flirting with their girls but if you don’t go by their rules, there are least chances to get their girls.
  • Start learning Hebrew to strengthen your chances. Forget about bragging about your possessions or knowledge, it won’t be any help.
  • Remember not everyone in Parvati is hippie

Kheerganga Trek Hippies

Anyway for the first time I was trekking with some weight so initial stretch became really taxing till I get adjusted to the situation. Trail passes through beautiful alpine meadows following the river Parvati uphill. En route I came across to many villages and surprisingly Hippies were staying everywhere. I also get chance to pluck apples and apricots from the orchards adjoining the trail. Following the roaring parvati river and crossing some breath-taking wooden bridges, I made it to KheerGanga after 3-4 hours of trekking. While trekking I was greeted by many fellow travelers and I weighted my chances every time.

KheerGanga is a tableland surrounded by thick forest of alpine meadows. It was a mesmerizing view when clouds started enveloping the forest and the snow-clad mountains. KheerGanga is known for hot water stream which flows beneath the temple of Lord Shiva. Temple is highly revered hence alcohol is not permitted in KheerGanga however other kind of Intoxication are in surplus. There is well made pool to bathe in the hot water stream and water is really hot.

In the evening when I woke up, views of the forest and the peaks were simply spectacular. Heavy mist was enclosing the valley but the peaks were shining while sun was setting down at a distant horizon. In addition to that, the melody of Parvati River was soothing the entirety of that moment. It was too much to absorb and appreciate for a nature lover. Later I realized that I am accompanied by a hippie couple in the same guest house. They were much interested to explore the beauty within and smoke weed.  My chances were completely shattered as there were just 3 travelers at KheerGanga that evening.

Kheerganga Trek Night Sky

As it was dawned and night approached, clouds disappeared completely to offer us the crystal clear view of sky and the stars.. a view of sky which we hardly feel in towns or cities…. I roamed around the plateau, climbed small rocks, barged into the grooves, listened to the sound of silence and I realized the very freedom of this place which makes it so special. Being in KheerGanga is a different feeling than what you feel while accomplishing a challenging peak or high altitude trekking or defeating harsh terrain or exploring untraveled.

There is nothing to feel special about…nothing to brag about… no feeling of home or homelessness….it was just thoughtlessness…. That evening was a conditioning to the mind and the soul or to the existence.. So relaxing and laid-back… and if you want to reach the state of thoughtlessness, KheerGanga is your destination.

Barshaini to Kheerganga Trek Distance

Himachal Pradesh is famed to get a multitude of wonderful treks. The Kheerganga Trek in Kullu district of Himachal, is known to be among the dreamlike and very refreshing treks. Tucked away in the Parvati Valley that is enchanting, Kheerganga is a well-known place among backpackers, travellers, nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. An easy hamlet called Barshaini, where the Tosh and Parvati rivers meet is the start position of the trek. The trek commences from this stage on, although a dirt road goes farther upward to get a small space. The 13 kilometer trek could be covered in 4-5 hours in a reasonable rate.

The trail passes through the old, conventional streams, woods, waterfalls and villages. The trek can also be known to be safe for solo travelers. Particularly with numerous trekkers, through the peak season around, solo trekkers will constantly locate business. Greatest Time To Visit April through Nov is a great time for the Kheerganga trek. Weather forecast may be checked before planning the trek to be on the safer side. Several buses also shuttle between Barshaini and Bhuntar, and the ride normally takes under one hour. The Trail – The route has cafes and many hamlets and complete it’s a climb that is comfortable.

The initial couple of kilometers of the trek is a simple hike with gentle ascends alongside the Parvati river that is gushing. The trail goes through hills, amazing farms and hamlets of the valley that is old-time. Crossing several swingy wooden bridges across the trail adds to the delight. You encounter the Nakthun hamlet that will be the initial arrest point after trekking for about several kilometers. Walking to get a couple more kilometers, nearly halfway the Kheerganga is next hamlet called Rudranag. The trail gets enticing with crossing a couple more scenic farms among the canopy of trees and from the backdrop of snowy summits.

Walking through several areas that look right from a fairy tale, you’ll shortly reach the Kheerganga that is mysterious. Take a plunge in the warm water to alleviate each of the tension and exhaustion from the trek that is streneous. Things in comfortable and nice trekking shoes. Get a durable back pack that’ll hold things needed for an overnight trek, but keep it light. Take a windproof and rain coat in the event that you’re trekking around the monsoon months.


Kheerganga Trek Difficulty Level 

Kasol Distance from Delhi by Road

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